d. … The moved to escape religious discrimination. What other options might the Mormons have considered? As head of the Mormon Church and architect of the Mormon colony in Utah, Brigham Young was almost sole author of one of the most important chapters in the history of the American West. Only about 1000 of the 10 to 20 thousand Mormons in the Midwest practiced polygamy and the rest didn't learn of it until they already had walked most of the way to Utah. I think it was a bit of a shock for some of them. 0 0 Comment. President Franklin Pierce decided he should make someone else governor of Utah. Now he likely can’t win without them. I have been living in Salt Lake City my entire life, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m certainly a VERY outspoken proponent of moving to Utah. Why did Brigham Young move the entire Mormon community to Utah after Joseph Smith's murder? As a result, the Biden campaign decided to feature McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, in advertising that aired throughout the state. 17 Answers. Non-Mormons tarred and feathered, persecuted, killed Mormons. He was killed with his brother in illinois with his brother. Instead, he urged the president to let Brigham Young remain. As the first Mormon pioneers left Nauvoo in February of 1846, another group of Mormons left New York City on board a ship called the Brooklyn , under the leadership of Samuel Brannan. Why did the Mormons eventually move to Utah? After the murder of founder and prophet Joseph Smith, they knew they had to leave their old settlement in Illinois. President Pierce agreed. One reason why Mormons choose Utah as their home is to be among other people of the same faith. But it was a bleak cold kingdom, and the Mormons … No. Mormons did some things back as well, but usually not first. b. (C) Utah had many river systems for transportation. Many other groups of people resented their practices of polygamy, and did not agree with their other beliefs i.e. Many Mormons died in the cold, harsh winter months as they made their way over the Rocky Mountains to Utah. But Catholics, who make up by far the state's second-largest religion after the predominant Mormon faith, say the real figure is closer to 300,000. Here are 10 things you might not expect. Why did the Mormons decide to move to Utah? Answers. Answer. Semi-Boring Facts about Salt Lake City: For instance, it listed Utah's Catholic population at 160,125. c. They hoped to escape religious persecution. Utah Utah Seagulls ©. They feared violent attacks by non-Mormons. Which groups migrated to California after 1848? They underwent persecution because of their practice of polygamy; Joseph Smith is the inventor of Mormonism.He had two visions in his which spurred him to invent a new faith. About This Quiz & Worksheet. The Mormons sought legal relief, but the judges were all swayed by the anti-mormon propaganda, and refused to give them aid. Also, before Joseph Smith died he told Brigham that the Saints would eventually have to move west to the Rocky Mountains. In the years to come, long after Governor Cumming, General Johnston and others from the Utah Expedition had returned to their Eastern and Southern homes to participate in a much more tragic and disastrous rebellion, Utah’s militiamen would take great pride in telling the stories of how the Nauvoo Legion had defended their fellow Mormons from perceived injustice in a bloodless winter campaign. 10 Surprising Things You Might Not Expect When Moving to Utah. Some of the things you’ve heard about us are stereotypes… which might be complete fiction, or might have a grain of truth. The doctrine authorizing plural marriage was published in the 1876 version of the LDS Church's Doctrine and Covenants . Easterners, African Americans, Chinese, and other people from Asia, South America, and Australia. There were some casualties, mostly non-Mormon civilians. Territorial officials resigned. Favorite Answer. Why did the Mormons choose Utah as the place to establish their communities? Utah became a state only in 1896 after they accepted to forbide polygamy. (B) Utah contained large, expansive quantities of land for agriculture. (A) Utah’s high mountains off ered protection from the severe western weather. Why did Brigham Young move the Mormon community to Utah? The Mormons left Missouri and traveled to Illinois, who was sympathetic to their cause. The Mormons saw Salt Lake City as their holy city: Brigham Young called it a "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth". B) He received a revelation to convert the Indians of the American West to Mormonism. (B) Utah contained large, expansive quantities of land for agriculture. Why did the Mormons move west to settle in Utah? giving up their religious beliefs. A year before they left, number 2 guy Sidney Rigdon called on followers to 'exterminate' Missourians if they wouldn't turn over the state to Mormons because God said it was for Mormons. Moving to Utah from another state can be a bit confusing. Relations between the Mormons and the government did not improve in the next three years. The Mormons, as they were commonly known, had moved west to escape religious discrimination. 1 decade ago. It was too late to leave. Brigham Young became the new leader of the Mormons. After his death his followers decided to go living in the Rocky Mountains. In June 1845 the leader of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, was murdered. Not even defense attorneys dispute that a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist sect has gone to extreme lengths to preserve its vise grip on the community of Short Creek on the Arizona-Utah state line. Moving to Utah from the state of Wisconsin is like entering the world of a Kafka novel. He decided to post a hypothetical question: What might happen if the President of the Mormon Church, Thomas S. Monson, suddenly decided to tell the world that the religion is all a lie. They wanted religious freedom that the states were NOT obligated to give due to the 14th amendment not existing yet, and so the bill of rights didn't apply to the states. See if you can explain why the Mormons moved there and who led them. The Utah War (1857–1858), also known as the Utah Expedition, Utah Campaign, Buchanan's Blunder, the Mormon War, or the Mormon Rebellion was an armed confrontation between Mormon settlers in the Utah Territory and the armed forces of the United States government.The confrontation lasted from May 1857 to July 1858. It took ‘Queer Eye’ star Tan France 20 minutes to decide to move to Salt Lake City Television • Things you never knew about Tan France, who’s the fashion expert on the Netflix reboot. Acting on false rumors, the governor of Missouri enacted a law to expel all Mormons from the state, by force if necessary. that Mormons were God's chosen people and Mormon leaders should have political powers. It was also a very isolated place that they thought would be perfect for them and their practices. 1 Questions & Answers Place. I did my best to narrow it down to the top 15 reasons why you’ll love moving to Salt Lake City. Clean city. “The Utah State football players have decided to opt out of our game against Colorado State due to ongoing inequality and prejudicial issues between the … I am presently living in Salt Lake City and feel as if I am living under the yoke of an oppressive government, culture and society. They sought jobs on the railroads. At the time, Utah was a part of Mexico, and they wanted to escape the United States government. Find answers now! Lv 7. A) He wanted to keep tithing to the church legal. Beautiful surroundings and recreational opportunities. Lots more reasons i could list. Firstly, the Mormons had very different beliefs to the traditional Christian faith that was dominant in America at this time. Kerry. Latter-day Saints had been among the most reliably Republican voting blocs — until Trump took over the party. (C) Utah had many river systems for transportation. (A) Utah's high mountains off ered protection from the severe western weather. They sought gold. Living in Salt Lake City just keeps getting better and better. The Mormons were a religious group who practised a type of Christianity. The man he chose, however, did not want the job. The practice was publicly announced in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, in 1852, some five years after the Mormons arrived in Utah, and eight years after Smith's death. Mormons rejected Trump as blasphemous. Due to the hostility shown towards the Mormons, he decided they needed to move somewhere safer. Answered by hissy012400. For many, the journey did not end there, as the Mormon Church continued to settle all the surrounding region, from Chihuahua, Mexico to Alberta, Canada. Relevance. Low crime rate, high emphasis on families and family life. Why would a non-Mormon choose to live in Utah ? It’s a lot to take in, either way. asked Sep 4, 2016 in History by Physician. However, they were targeted by other Christians who disagreed with Mormon practices such as polygamy. Answer Save. When I lived in New Jersey years ago, Utah Mormons would sometimes move in and out of our ward, having come East for their educations. a. On 24 July 1847, then church president Brigham Young, after an arduous trip across the plains, looked out over the Salt Lake Valley and declared, … It is highly unlikely that Baio will actually run for the Utah Senate seat, but his suggestion certainly brings up a conversation about the dichotomy within the Republican Party right now. This quiz/worksheet set will test what you know about the Mormon move to Utah. Why did the Mormons choose Utah as the place to establish their communities? The Mormons had been kicked out of every other place they had tried to settle. Only authorized users can leave an answer!