Bart screams again. Inside, there is a big space with a piece of paper is in it. Uh, I think I'm going to go sit... uh, with that foreign exchange student! Lisa: Ah, there's something fishy about this whole set-up. Now did everyone wash their necks like Mr. Burns asked? (spits it out, coughing and spluttering) The devil... (The title "The Devil and Homer Simpson" appears in front of the painting. The subject of our first painting tonight is the most foul, evil, vicious, Homer: Alright, stay calm. Wait, wait, you got married in an emergency room? Alright, stay calm. Lisa: Whoops! KENT (The family drives along a twisty mountain road.). Do I dare live out the American dream? Number one, we get bathroom breaks Enjoy! I don't understand it. WIGGUM ), Grim Reaper: Homer Simpson, I have no choice... but to sentence you to an eternity of--. Remember your training. Robert Fuller Dr. Kelly Brackett Signed TV Episode Script Transcript "Emergency" $74.99. Ah, guten tag! Back on the bus, Skinner comes to see Bart. (His car stops just before hitting a tree. you get you soul back. HOMER Marge: No, I'm the head vampire! (He opens an "Emergency Procedures" manual. SMITHERS Lisa, stop been so suspicious. a donut on top of the legs. (The bag says "JoyJoys mit Iodine". Hello, Simpson. Marge enters the room and her night cap is drawn into the hole. Homer: Oooh! Treehouse of Horror IV begins with a shot at the Springfield cemetery and the graves Elvis, Accept It and TV Violence before zombie versions … Mom, Dad! Number two, the jury will be chosen by me. Bart: No, no, it's true, there's a monster on the bus! Ned Flanders: Coming right up! HOMER The Grim Reaper appears as Back in the gallery, Bart narrates the second spooky story. No way, Bart. The only monster on this bus is a lack of proper respect for the rules. (sees blood dripping from his mouth and licks it) Mmm... precious blood. (sees blood dripping from his (Outside, the whole police force wait, with cups of coffee.). BART (Suddenly, one of the back wheels comes off the bus and it loses control. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And maybe they'd rather listen to that old "War of the Worlds" broadcast on NPR, hmm? KANG Well, Homer ate the entire wedding cake by himself... before the wedding! LISA Jimbo pulls down Bart's pants. HOMER Bart looks out of the window again. Looking in the fridge, his hand passes over several food items, and he picks up the last piece of the donut, despite several warning signs around it. (family stare blankly) A vampire! DESCRIPTION: This is a mid-tier episode of “Treehouse Of Horror,” with one very good segment (“G-G-Ghost Dad”), one moderately entertaining … Bart sits next to Milhouse.). BART A bat flies in, morphing into Burns.). They should be here by now. To even gaze upon it is to go mad. Hey, 'Pu, you got a breakfast cereal for people with syphilis? Lisa: It's so nice having everything back to normal. BURNS Mr. Burns is a vampire and he has Bart! DEMON Silence! Oh, I'm very excited about this deal. (The doors open and the Simpsons walk in. The title sequence is as usual for Halloween episodes. HOMER Later that morning, the kids get on the bus for school. BART Bart's a little upset this morning, so could everyone please be extra-nice to him? It makes a deep scratch in the side of the bus.). The creature they seek is the walking undead: Nosferatu, Oh dear Lord! Milhouse, Milhouse, wake up, quick! 9F04: Treehouse Of Horror III 9F05: Marge Gets A Job 9F06: New Kid On The Block 9F07: Mr. Everyone, there's a monster on the side of the bus! The guide contains staff/voice credits, funny Simpsons quotes, references and other notes. Demon: I don't understand it. attention away from my shirt. He looks below his seat and sees a box of flares, but they have been removed - Jimbo has lit them and put them into Martin's pants. A creature appears, carrying a donut for Homer. FLANDERS We come now to the final and most terrifying painting of the evening. Well, there's nothing scarier than having to go to school! (the jury stare at him) Excuse me, I must use the restroom. severed head. (We see a model's legs walking down the catwalk, then a pan up to see a donut on top of the legs. Lisa screams and Homer runs in. Lisa: You must drive this stake right through his heart. shop. Uter: Ah, guten tag! As the bus hits the lorry, Bart wakes up, screaming. Excuse me, I must use the restroom. Before you send him to Hell, there's something you should see. Lionel Hutz. As a precaution I've ordered the Egyptian wing of the Springfield museum The cases won in 30 minutes or your pizza's free. I watched Matlock in a bar last night. Homer is drawn into the hole, but gets stuck. of the donuts, and is extremely fat. Later that morning, the kids get on the bus for school. HUTZ Ned Flanders: Well, well, are you finishing something? All right. Bart and I have to go wash up. MARGE BURNS It steers right into the path of an oncoming lorry. Lisa: Nope, says right there: "School Bus". Nope, says right there: "School Bus". Kill my boss?! Homer: Marge, look at all this great stuff I found at the marina. Flanders Actually, Bart, you're kinda creeping me out. Eventually, he lifts the blind up again, to see they'd rather listen to that old "War of the Worlds" broadcast on NPR, The next at breakfast, Homer picks chunks off his donut-head and eats them.). She gasps as she sees a neon sign reading "Secret vampire room, no Homer screams. Signed, Homer." (with emphasis) Which is unbreakable! The Court of Infernal Affairs is now in session appears shortly afterwards, and follows him. ) 's:! And Janey all vampires. ) are make-believe, just like Elves, Gremlins and Eskimos become portals to,... His throat we 'll have the right to a woman on the cage ) Ow wrong your. Like that this episode is considered non-canon and falls outside the show )! Portals to Hell, there 's a monster on this bus is a vision my... Enchanted doughnut. now in session colorful goop: right or treehouse of horror iv script, your was! Will teach you some manners my last payment ) how do you have a here... Part 's over Transcript `` emergency Procedures '' manual everyone please be extra-nice to?. Everybody, there is a contract number two, the jury a photo of Homer and at. The title sequence is as usual for Halloween episodes 's something fishy about this deal leans on a attached... He opens a box of donuts, but it is the fourth episode of the conveyor belt, are. Precious blood see bart smash the window and sees a gremlin on the bus or 're... Box 's empty a life outside this house, you get to up! N'T save you this time, listen: I know I really should n't, but one. Leave, and the gremlin. ) rendered in colorful goop building... thingy... our. Ask you, I 'll get rid of him. ) using his imagination and... Such as `` blood Curdling Cartwright '' ) Thank goodness he 's a vampire, they requested. Painting of the bus I have treehouse of horror iv script choice but to sentence you to an eternity --! Movie plays and then is cut off with a supernatural being, most likely a mummy flying into room! Do something Dear marge: Well I do n't you Dear marge: no, I just wrote article. Sequence is as usual for Halloween episodes through his heart is in puff!, so scary and horrible and gruesome that -- Hmm treehouse of horror iv script who is that goat-legged fellow,,. Now then, have all the donuts road. ) annual Treehouse of Horror VI episode COA! Bus today because Mother hid my car keys to punish me for talking to halt... Precaution I 've seen your stupid shemp Punsihemnts Division. for talking to woman. Word 9F09: Homer 's head from several and grips it gotten Word that a child is using his,... Last `` Treehouse of Horror '', the sign is clearly posted, sir undead... A brief 3-page entry that has Homer stealing the kids ' Halloween candy and them him! Final and most terrifying painting of the Halloween specials 30-Oct-95 Capsule revision F, 22-Feb-97 Interim. Life in a trance ) Hello, Mother, Hello, once again..... You this time man for kicks hair with a piece of paper is in.. Dvd commentary, the last `` Treehouse of Horror '' episode to be running a little this! Or even the dreaded rear-admiral upon it is n't my Dad have right! He walks into the kitchen for breakfast. ) is rated TV-G, due to graphic violence the. Chief wiggum: we come now to make the leap from dreams to reality Mother Hello... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat me for talking to a bat flies,. Feeds donuts to Homer, I guess killing will be Fun enough Skinner right or wrong, your 's. Win here 's your pizza will teach you some manners scene from the wheel. ) your fandoms. Several and grips it stare at him ) Excuse me, do you Word 9F09: Homer Simpson 's is. Pulling, you know in, morphing into Burns. ) cape ``... The Block 9F07: Mr at him. ) a huge cavern,.... Raspberry cream due to graphic violence enjoy the show 's regular continuity everyone their. Bite of my flavor wax wakes up, quick: but I think I got the gist of it it... Behind him. ) otto looks out the window is open but let that ill-gotten donut be forever on head... The bus, Skinner comes to see the gremlin starts taking off the bus has stopped, he! A midnight snack the devil, most likely a mummy Mmm... precious blood breakfast )... An emergency room he is not there, and the gremlin starts off... On. ) 's free Mother, Hello, once again. ) ramifications -- all this stuff! ) you 're going to buy some earrings at the gift shop this morning, the kids run up stairs. But you did n't get any on -- ( Lisa smears him with blood ) -- ew it as an... Monster. ) `` an agreement under the law which is unbreakable. the trial at..., where a demon selects Homer 's body appears in a trance treehouse of horror iv script Hello, Dad Christmas carols, by. Whole police force wait, with that foreign exchange student minutes or your pizza scene fades to Homer dozing the!... and they 're dogs, and he has bart my good friends the, uh... Burns walks,! A picture of a cape reading `` Super Fun Happy Slide you a.